Keeping Our Club Up To Date

It has been a work in progress and a labor of love for those of us working on getting SI Ashland a new website. And we are super excited to have it up and running for you all to use and enjoy. However, with change comes corrections, additions, and a learning curve for all. We have tried to make it as user-friendly as possible, but we are also aware that maybe a few tips and tricks might be helpful to know.

The members only section is similar to our old site in that you will use the same log in credentials. If you are unsure of what those are, you can reach out to anyone in club and they should be able to assist. Once you put the user name and password in, you will be able to access the the member home page, pillow booth page, and newsletter page. On the member home page you will find our board members, committee information, member documents, online payment options, links to other important Soroptimist sites and more. The Pillow Booth page is your resource for all things related to working in the booth. Whether you need to see when you are scheduled or who to contact if you need to trade dates, all of those details can be found here.

Now if you are in the members only section and want to return to the main menu without logging out, all you have to do is click on the Soroptimist Investing in Dreams logo at the top left and you will immediately go back to the main home page.

We now have a ‘News’ tab that not only includes past articles that went to our local news outlets but also a blog (this being an example of a blog post). We are hoping to use this for things like this to keep you all up to date and informed of anything newsworthy to our club.

Lastly we just want to say that this is a work in progress and we are doing our best to correct errors as we find them and making needed adjustments as quickly as we can. Thank you all for your patience and we truly hope that you enjoy using and sharing our new site.

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