Party of Parties

As a service club, our focus is often on fund raising in support of our mission, but we also need to raise funds to support club operations: insurance, PO Box, travel expenses to various meetings, hosting an awards banquet, and officer installation. Our major source of these funds comes from Party of Parties: hosting and attending parties (and paying for the opportunity). So while raising funds, we are having FUN (thus FUN-raising), and growing closer bonds to one another. Our parties are open to others. Contact us if you would like to join us for one of these fun events!

2022-2023 Party of Parties

Spring Bunco Party

When: Sunday, April 16, 2023, 2:00 to 4:30pm
Where: La Casa Del Pueblo
Cost: $25.00 per person for Bunco, nibbles, drinks and fun!
Hosted by Kathy Mooney and Yvonne Chilcoat

Margarita Party

When: Sunday, July 17, 4pm
Where: Home of Eva Skuratowicz
Cost: $25.00 per person

2019-2020 Party of Parties

Cool Summer Salad Potluck & Margarita Party

When: Monday, July 29th, 5pm
Where: Home of Barb and Carlyle Stout
Cost: $20.00 per person

2018-2019 Party of Parties

Oscar Night Party

Oscar Night Party:
: February 24 at 5pm until Best Picture Award
Where: Jan's home
Hosted by Jan Holland and Colleen Chambers

Bunco Party

Spring Bunco!
: Saturday March 16, 1:30 to 4pm
Where: La Casa Del Pueblo
: $15.00 per person
Hosted by Kathy Mooney, Joan Lamont, and Mavis Cloutier

Wild Flower Walk

When: Saturday, May 4th, depart Ashland at 8:00AM
Where: Britt Woods in Jacksonville
Cost: $5.00 per person
Bring your own water and snack, and dogs are allowed (on-leash)
Hosted by Mel Bailey

Cookie Exchange

Cookie Exchange
When: Sunday, December 16, 2018, 1:00pm
Where: Gail's Home
Cost: $20.00

Bunco Party

Fall Bunco!
When: Sunday, October 14, 2018, 1:30pm
Where: Casa Del Pueblo
Cost: $15 per person

Summer Party

Super Summer Salad & Such Margarita Potluck!
When: Monday, August 13, 2018, 6PM
Where: Yvonne Chilcoat's Home
Cost: $20 per person

2017-18 Party of Parties

Bunco Party

Saturday, February 24, 1 - 4pm
Held at La Casa Del Pueblo, Ashland
$15 per person
Hosted by Mavis Cloutier, Kathy Garrett Canape, & Yolanda Nagel

A Slice of Life in Ecuador

March 18, 2018
Presentation on a slice of life in Ecuador. Ecuadorian snacks provided!
Held at La Casa Del Pueblo
Cost $15.00 per person
Hosted by Bea Bacher Wetmore

Wildflower Walk

Saturday, May 5th, 9:00am or carpool at 8:30am
Prescott Park on RoxyAnn, Medford
$5.00 per person
Hosted by Mel Bailey

Tailgate Party

Saturday, October 7th, 3PM
Your $10 cost includes:
Food, fun & conversation before the
SOU Raider Women Soccer Game!
Parking lot at Wightman & Iowa, next to the SOU stadium

Hosted by the Fundraising Committee

Bunco Party

Saturday, November 4th, 1 - 4PM
Tons of fun rolling the dice - easy to learn & play!
Refreshments & drinks.
Held at our meeting place: Casa del Pueblo
Hosted by Sara Brown & Hannah Christensen

EdenVale Wine Tasting

Sunday, December 17th
$20 per person
Meet at Albertson's at 12:30 to carpool

Hosted by Susan Yarne